[talk-au] Back in editing - Tracks and 4wd areas

David Findlay david at woodypointcomms.com.au
Thu Jan 5 06:59:33 GMT 2012

I contributed quite a bit of stuff locally mapped with GPS(usually multiple 
tracks on multiple different days, averaged) a few years back. I notice now 
there seems to be quite some disdain for GPS tracks. 

I've recently recorded various bush walking, biking and 4wd trails, most of 
which aren't easily visible from aerial imagery. Is this ok? I've just uploadd 
a change set before with a few drains that weren't marked and some bush trails 
suitable for walking or cycling. I marked them as "Tracks" with cars, 
motorcyles and stuff set to no. 

How should I mark 4wd trails? Thanks,


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