[talk-au] Mass revert now??

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Thu Jan 5 17:42:19 GMT 2012

The License Working Group will shortly be encouraging folks to go out 
and remap areas affected by new contributor terms decliners. However, I 
am mostly speaking here as in individual mapper in Australia.  Cleaning 
up my areas in Sweden and the UK was easy. I then looked at Ultimo in 
Sydney, which I 100% completed in 2006. However, all my edits are 
overlain by many layers from just two declined contributors. Same in 
several other Sydney suburbs, same in Katoomba, same in Port Macquarie, 
and by one contributor in Toowoomba and Dalby. I looked at doing a 
revert for the street where I lived but found that just one "Fixed 
Stuff" changeset was affecting 12,576 different ways! So as I might 
affect other folks, I abandoned the idea for now. Remapping is pointless 
until I can get my original contributions back. Also, I cannot visualise 
areas of  real issues, (OSM Inspector, see bottom), because of a huge 
number of very trivial changes that can easily be got rid of. I guess a 
lot of  other folk are in the same position.

So here is my question to all of us who are still contributing.  Rather 
than waiting, should we ask for Australia data contributed by decliners 
to be carefully removed en masse in the near future? I am happy for an 
area where I am more or less the sole continuing contributor to be used 
as a test.

I see a number of options to explore for technical doability.

1) Just roll back the last edits of anyone who has specifically declined.

2) Do the full clean now instead of March. This has the drawback that it 
sweeps away folks who may still say yes. There are about 60 folks who 
have created more than 1,000 nodes who have not yet responded.

3) Just do highways. Interestingly, the Australian stats at 
http://odbl.poole.ch/ suggests that there is not much impairment outside 
highways, i.e. some decliners have been massively editing other folks 
highway contributions but not much else.


PS OSM Inspector License Change View. If you want to get an idea of what 
is affected, try this tool.  The rules are still being tweaked but it is 
pretty good:


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