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cam_daw at fastmail.fm cam_daw at fastmail.fm
Tue Jan 10 02:59:58 GMT 2012

It's almost impossible to see what data will remain / will be removed
post april 1st when there's the well-intensioned maxspeed tags all over
the place.

It makes it very difficult for me to replace non odbl data with my own
odbl surveys / tracings before it all gets deleted in April.
I'd much rather identify and help re-map what needs attention now then
wait until seemingly random ways and data gets deleted then.

I'd prefer if all the maxspeed changesets be reverted now so atleast
some odbl tools can show ways being green rather than mostly all orange.

Otherwise I guess it's possible to identify the maxspeed edits and
delete the maxspeed tags or correct them to source:maxspeed.
- This still leaves ways appearing orange as there was a non-odbl user
in that way's history.

I've made up a search that will find these maxspeed edits in JOSM that
enables one to delete / rename these offending tags:
"maxspeed:source" "default residential speed limit in Australia"
maxspeed=50 user:JohnSmith changeset:5170825

In that example it will only find ways to the north of Melbourne that
were last edited by JohnSmith - it does not find ways that have since
been edited.
Perhaps a better search would be just:
"maxspeed:source" "default residential speed limit in Australia"

Unfortunately the idea of contibuting to osm from now until April for
editing existing ways (mostly residential streets) has made me a little
reluctant.  I don't want my edits to be ultimately deleted because some
other users disagreed to the odbl but their (excellent) contibutions
still linger in planet.osm

I need at the very least confidence that I can delete the maxspeed=50
tags (as above) or rename maxspeed:source to source:maxspeed, and have
any further changes to those ways stay there post April.

So in summary:-
ODBL way gets created --> non-ODBL maxspeed tag gets applied --> ODBL
renames maxspeed:source to source:maxspeed --> will this way still exist
post April with the source:maxspeed tag and any other edits since then

I really don't like this political stuff, I just want to head back in to
do some mapping.
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