[talk-au] Splitter decliners

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 07:17:11 GMT 2012

If a decliner splits a ,mappers road then he/she becomes the version 1
owner of that mappers copyrightable information for the rest of the way.

I think it's morally (maybe even legally) wrong for the decliner to now
extinguish this copyright by refusing to relicence it.

Since I think it unlikely that they see things as I do, I think it would
be good if we could find all such occurrences in the OSM database and
list out the original owner so that they could reclaim their copyright.

Maybe we could.....

If two ways with the same name are geographically close but not touching
then list out the version 1 owners, lat/lon and name.
(only if exactly one of the two version 1 owners is a decliner.)

Unfortunately this wouldn't cover the cases where the decliner has done
a single split, thus taking over the way, or where he has split the
way, discarded the front bit and then back filled from the split.
The first example of the last case that I've noticed is in Sydney but
fortunately I have surveyed that particular area myself so I can reclaim
the mappers information using my own data.
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