[talk-au] remove nearmap and yahoo coverage polygons

Mark Pulley mrpulley at lizzy.com.au
Thu Jan 12 00:01:18 GMT 2012

Quoting Chris Barham <cbarham at pobox.com>:

> Hi,
> Is anyone able to retrieve and delete the polygons defining the extent
> of coverage of Nearmap and Yahoo imagery over Aus?  These polygons are
> irrelevant now.
> I tried to come up with a way... but failed :-(

 From memory the bing imagery is in a relation - no idea if Nearmap  
and Yahoo are also - if they are, once one way is added to JOSM, the  
others can be loaded as part of the relation, then deleted. (P.S.  
don't delete the bing boundaries!)

I was thinking about doing a similar thing for the old suburb  
boundaries - the only problem is if a node in the suburb boundary is  
also used by another way then the nodes will vanish (unless I load the  
entire country into JOSM - not practical on dial-up wireless  
internet!) This shouldn't be a problem for the imagery boundaries as  
they shouldn't share nodes with anything else. We could start by  
removing unedited suburb boundaries (i.e. no river or road names added  
to the way) - although I have noticed in the past that some rivers  
have used the same nodes with a different way.

Mark P.

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