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Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Mon Jan 16 10:54:41 GMT 2012

Someone kindly updated the import catalogue page to suggest where the BP 
service station import came from. I have followed it up and have 
permission to use as copied below. I will also put a copy up for public 
record. This, or something similar, was imported by a declined user who 
refused to say where it came from, so all the stations will go as well 
as subsequent modifications.

If anyone wants a go,  the (small) files can be found at 
http://www.bp.com/iframe.do?categoryId=9026935&contentId=7049357 and are 
in the format below.

Whether they *should* be imported again is another matter.  A couple of  
locations could be checked against known points for accuracy. There will 
also be duplication, though that is fairly easy to fix bit by local mappers.



"Site GPS Data - All states" file

17 Mile Service Centre,131.02937000,-12.51528700
AA Bayswater,145.27024300,-37.83459700
AA Box Hill,145.11703800,-37.81705200
AA Box Hill South,145.12221200,-37.82860400

"Site Locations - All states" file

Name, LocationNo, Street, Town, State, Postcode, Phone, Unlead, 
PremiumUnlead, BPUltimate, E10, Diesel, Any_Autogas, Hours_24, Trailers, 
LPGBottle, Toilets, CarWash, CleanGo, SuperWash, Other, Pay, EFTPOS, 
GIFT_CARD, ATM, Restaurant, TruckStops, Express, BP_UltimateDiesel
17 Mile Service Centre,5354,Virginia Rd,Virginia,NT,0835,08 8983 
AA Bayswater,3015,362 - 366 Bayswater Rd,Bayswater,VIC,3153,03 9729 
AA Box Hill,3847,839 - 843 Whitehorse Rd,Box Hill,VIC,3128,03 9890 
AA Box Hill South,3828,891 Canterbury Rd,Box Hill,VIC,3128,03 9899 

Subject: RE: Contact Us Form -  OpenStreetMap
From: "Customer Service Centre, BP Australia" <custcare.bpaust at se1.bp.com>

Hi Michael,

Thank you for taking the time to contact BP.

This information is available for public use and we have no objection to 
its use in OpenStreetMap.

Kind regards,

*Elena* |* Senior Customer Service Administrator - Enquiries*|* BP 
Customer Response
*Phone 1300 1300 27 | Fax +61 3 9667 7714
_www.bp.com.a__u_ <http://www.bp.com.au/>

P* Please consider the environment before printing this email *

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Query form for BP Australia
Subject: Contact Us Form

Dear Not To Be Sent,

DATE                                             : Fri Jan 13 09:22:42 
GMT 2012
TITLE                                            : Mr.
FIRST NAME                                       : Michael
LAST NAME                                        : Collinson
EMAIL ADDRESS                                    : michael at osmfoundation.org
ADDRESS                                          : ---
SUBURB                                           : ---
STATE                                            : ---
POST CODE                                        : ---
I ACCEPT                                         : YES
CATEGORY                                         : BP Service Stations
SUBCATEGORY                                      : Service Station Directory
FAX LABEL                                        : ---
ORGANISATION NAME LABEL                          : OpenStreetMap Foundation
JOB TITLE LABEL                                  : Chair, License 
Working Group
CUSTOMER TYPE LABEL                              : New
QUERY DETAILS LABEL                              : Hi,

  On your website you kindly provide a list of service stations along 
with their latitudes and longitudes at this link:


  There appears to be no restriction on use, but I would like to confirm 
that you have no objection to its use in OpenStreetMap 
http://www.openstreetmap.org. The OpenStreetMap respects the IP rights 
of others so we like to be careful.

  OpenStreetMap is a global project to create a unified set of freely 
available map making data. Our own version of the map can be seen at 
http://www.openstreetmap.org and shows fuel stations and their names, 
mostly added one by one by our contributors. We have over 500,000 
contributors worldwide. All our data is mandated to be available under a 
free and open license for anyone to use without fee, this includes both 
individual and commercial use.  Our current distribution license is the 
Open Database License, http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/ .

  Michael Collinson

  Name & Registered Office:
  Openstreetmap Foundation
  132 Maney Hill Road
  Sutton Coldfield
  West Midlands
  B72 1JU
  United Kingdom A company limited by guarantee, registered in England 
and Wales.

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