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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 01:30:02 GMT 2012

Hi Don

I'm from Queanbeyan but have mapped some of the nearby towns
(including Gunning) back in 2009.

Just this morning I deleted a lot of the ABS boundaries near Gunning
since they were obscuring roads that may (or may not) need remapping
prior to the licence changeover in April.

OSMI (OSM inspector)


will still show these as red for a few days but then they will disappear
and we can see what really needs looking at.

These boundaries will all be deleted in April but I'm getting in ahead
of time to make remapping the road system a lot easier.

I see that there a couple of roads in Gunning that need remapping, which
I will do tonight from my original survey data.

There are some POI that you have moved to the correct spot but which
were originally mapped by a user that has declined the new licence.

These will disappear in April so if you could delete them completely
and recreate them from you own sources/knowledge then they will be
safe from the licence change.

There is also the railway that needs remapping.

It was first traced from landsat by that same user so we can remap
it either from landsat or Bing imagery and can reclaim the tags
added by user FK270673.

And we can't forget about the HUme Highway either.

Thewre a bits that need reclaiming from a declining user that
we can recreate from our GPS tracks and/or imagery  being careful
to discard any information added by decliners.

All in all there is a lot of work to be done but on the good side,
as I trawl through all the decliner edits, I am finding so many
bad errors (and fixing them) so the quality of our data is
improving markedly. ( I even found some, almost certainly,
copying from commercial mapping that I trashed straight away).

There are also some rivers that have been glued to ABS data
that need remapping. In my view these are not as important as roads
but still every now and then it makes a pleasent diversion from
the tedium of checking history values.

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