[talk-au] Hi, intro

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Mon Jan 23 22:22:17 GMT 2012

Welcome Don,

As you're probably aware, a major issue in the next few months is the
need to remap things which are to be deleted from OSM due to licensing
issues.  Many mappers have forsaken OSM rather than accept the new
conditions.  Their work is scheduled for removal.  Both Potlatch and
JOSM are able to highlight ways and nodes which have relicensing issues.
  In JOSM, this is a plugin "licensechange" under "Preferences" / 

If convenient to you and you're keen to get started, a quick look at
Gunning shows that you could be of immediate use in completely deleting
and remapping the following ways:

Biala Street
Grovenor Street

as well as sections of Yass and Hume Streets.

Some other things also come up as being less affected.

Don't be shy about asking basic questions - we all had to go through
that stage.

And be aware that discussion here sometimes gets quite robust.


On 24/01/12 08:16, Don Thomas wrote:
> Hi everyone, I've just subscribed to this list and I thought I'd
> just itro myself. I live near Gunning, NSW, about 50 km north of
> Canberra. I have previously made a couple of contributions to the OSM
> map (a previously un-mapped road & edit position of a local business
> that moved) that were pretty straight forward but as I see some
> things that are a bit more involved I thought I'd join this list to
> keep track of the discussion and perhaps make minor contributions.

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