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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 23:54:28 GMT 2012

Hi Don,

I see that Google maps has a "second" Grovenor Street which street view
shows as a rough dirt track.

It appears that I didn't (or couldn't) drive this so I'm unsure of how
to map it.   I'd better leave that one to you.

I didn't get to do the othert one either because I got caught up in a
whole mess of "red roads" in Canberra.  (I feel a rant coming on).

In the couple of months prior to lockout the "tweakers" were
incredibly active in Canberra (hmmmm) and they have left a hell of
a mess.

They sit there and see see (in their hi-res pics) a bit of white paint
on the road and decide "ok goody - let's have a little bit of divided
road here.  Now let's make sure the corners are really round - excellent,
ok now - wow - there's a traffic calmer, let's put that in.... and let's
also forget the fact that I've now just made the entire rest of the road
into a one way street and screwed up the entire routing for two suburbs."

Seriously, I would recommend people NOT to use Canberra OSM data for
car navigation until after April. Hopefully any orange roads that I
don't have time to remap will revert to a sane condition.

The current data may be safe for pedestrian use and maybe even bicycles,
but most definetely not for cars or trucks etc (though it does look
pretty up on a wall).

The more of this junk that I am remapping the more happy I am that the
licence change is giving us the chance to fix all these errors.
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