[talk-au] replies to my into

Don Thomas donthomas at gmx.com
Wed Jan 25 02:41:19 GMT 2012

Thanks for the various replies, obviously there is sticky stuff going on 
so a bit of background is useful.
In my area there are some roads that aren't mapped at all and some 
sections of roads apparently not mapped so I will probably start with 
these. It might be April before I get them done.
Most of what I expect to do will be straight from the GPSr. I currently 
use a Etrex H (non mapping) which has a fairly small memory so will only 
do relative shortish bits at a time.
Question: I use tracking settings 'auto' with a 'medium' accuracy which 
looks OK when I load it up on the computer, does that sound OK?
I do have a couple of other questions but I'll firstly see if I can find 
the answers on the tagging instructions page.

regards Don

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