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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Sun Jul 1 01:53:26 BST 2012

Hi John and others

Looked at the hiking trail link below and only the Overland Track came up in Tassie. 

I have added a few tracks and do I need to do something special to have them identified as hiking tracks?  Using generic path. 

Also bushwalking tracks have a few loose categories in my opinion. 

Boardwalked or well maintained by Parks. 
Traditional tracks that are well marked on the ground but Parks does not maintain. 
Know tracks but rather easy to lose in places. 
General easy ways but lot of track finding skill needed to keep on them and re-find them. Often just the key weak points in cliff lines marked. 
GPS plots that are the way one person approached the area. 

Now for a harden bushwalker any of the above are ok but sadly we encounter in Tassie more than a few people that think every track is marked like a street.  Also some well marked tracks are challenging due to steepness and have creek crossings that can flood. 

Looking for ways to maximize the information.  Bit like roads.  Superhighway to 4wd track requiring serious vehicle. 

Brett Russell
PO Box 94
Launceston Tas. 7250
0419 374 971

On 01/07/2012, at 9:04 AM, "John Henderson" <snowgum at gmx.com> wrote:

> A warm welcome to OSM Au Brett.
> Be sure to have a look at the specialized map of hiking tracks within OSM:
> http://hiking.lonvia.de/en/
> John
> On 29/06/12 23:09, Brett Russell wrote:
>> Hi
>> I am an avid bushwalker and on a forum that I am on a fellow member
>> mentioned OSM mapping.  I have Garmin 62s and have been logging
>> tracks with it and was looking for a way to improve upon the rather
>> poor tracks on Tasmaps.  So have been using OSM.
>> It has been a steep learning curve but have been working on getting
>> tracks uploaded and naming a few peaks.  Also been working on
>> creating lakes.  Plus a bit of street naming and adding streets
>> missed, mainly around the Devonport Area.  I have zeroed in on the
>> Walls of Jerusalem area adding named lakes at the moment.
>> Any great project and no doubt will be looking for a few hints and
>> ideas as well as “standardw” for defining streets and speed limits,
>> etc, etc.
>> Cheers
>> Brett Russell
>> PO Box 94
>> LAUNCESTON  Tas  7250

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