[talk-au] Setting up Garmin zoom level

Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Mon Jul 16 11:16:28 BST 2012


I  have madly been mapping the Walls of Jerusalem Area in Tasmania and now have enough data up to do a download to my Garmin 62s.  I used the file created by OSM Australia site and installed both the normal and routable maps on the Garmin.  They work very well but I have struck an issue.  That is with mountain peaks.  On the Garmin they do not show up until the zoom scale is 300 metres and then you only get the mountain icon.  Move the cursor to the icon and you get all the information.  When navigating in the bush you often target big object so it would be great if peaks could appear earlier, say even fifty kilometres as otherwise you are navigating by looking at "blades of grass".  Also be good if you could set the tracks to show up earlier.  On OSM view the zoom relationship is pretty good but on the Garmin it is very poor.

Any clues or pointers?

I have a Garmin 62s and the zoom settings are set to auto.

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