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Ok thanks to John I am starting the first baby step to using mkgmap so I have installed Java.  It think it works as I am using JOSM and that worked.  Downloaded a small sample file of the Walls area using OSM data extract as I could not as yet figure out the other option and "borrowing" Australia from another suggested site was a bit big in file size for me and I was hoping to avoid splitting at this stage working on the KISS principle.  This created a Walls_test.OSM file.  Now quite chuffed with progress but then came unstuck here with this command line instruction.

java -jar mkgmap.jar --route --remove-short-arcs --add-pois-to-areas --index --gmapsupp *.osm.pbf

Now this is were my newbie status shows in spades.  Am I correct to assume that this is a DOS command line instruction?  If it is I then get this error

'Java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

Now and ice age of two has passed since I used DOS or Unix in anger and something tells me for "java" to be recognized it needs to be in a path.  Ironically I would have a better chance of doing this in Unix than DOS as I once used .profiles extensively in Unix.  Now if you have fallen off your chair laughing as this is not a command line instruction then please point me to what I should be doing.  Also big hint on scripts would be good.  I assume it might be a text file you write/steal/borrow?

The idea is to create a MEM (Middle Earth Map for an Ent) just for Tassie at this stage with the zoom levels optimised for bushwalking.  By that, big peaks and foot tracks showing up big time.  As mentioned I played with the OSM_Australia *.IMG files with good success but they are optimised for motorised wheel machines not the la (or is is le?) ped.

The ultimate is to bring contours and wait for it, natural features such as heath which is code for somewhere to pitch a tent.  If I get it right then from the satellite imagines I should have a few spots pre-worked out.  For those that have walked you can be five metres away from a perfect campsite but never know it.

As again any pointers greatly appreciated.

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