[talk-au] I feel like such a newbie

John Henderson snowgum at gmx.com
Tue Jul 17 13:05:28 BST 2012

Hi Brett,

You've made remarkable progress in a very short time!

I'm a Linux user rather than Windows, so I can be of limited help there. 
  I can add to Steve's reply.

Firstly, you need to convert that pbf file to an osm one.  You use the 
osmosis program to do that.


Here's the Linux script I run to turn the pbf file I download into the 
Garmin gmapsupp.img file.  It's a routable "road" map for my Garmin nuvi 
car GPS unit.  I also create a cycling-orientated map for my Garmin 60CSx.


cd $HOME/OSM/mkgmap/style/work

/usr/user/osmosis-0.39/bin/osmosis --read-bin 
$HOME/OSM/mkgmap/style/australia-oceania.osm.pbf --write-xml australia.osm

/usr/bin/java -Xmx1400M -jar /usr/user/splitter-r181/splitter.jar 
--cache=/tmp --output=xml australia.osm

rm australia.osm

/usr/bin/java -ea -Xmx1400M -jar /usr/user/mkgmap-r1995/mkgmap.jar 
--remove-short-arcs --style-file=$HOME/OSM/mkgmap/style/roadrte --route 
--gmapsupp -c template.args

mv gmapsupp.img $HOME/OSM/mkgmap/road

rm *.*


I hope it hasn't wrapped, and still makes "Unix-sense".  I've inserted 
blank lines for readability just in case.  Note that I need to use the 
splitter because my australia.osm file is so large.  The splitter 
creates a series of manageable (smaller) osm files.


On 17/07/12 20:52, Brett Russell wrote:
> Ok thanks to John I am starting the first baby step to using mkgmap so I
> have installed Java.  It think it works as I am using JOSM and that
> worked.  Downloaded a small sample file of the Walls area using OSM data
> extract as I could not as yet figure out the other option and
> "borrowing" Australia from another suggested site was a bit big in file
> size for me and I was hoping to avoid splitting at this stage working on
> the KISS principle.  This created a Walls_test.OSM file.  Now quite
> chuffed with progress but then came unstuck here with this command line
> instruction.
> java -jar mkgmap.jar --route --remove-short-arcs --add-pois-to-areas --index --gmapsupp *.osm.pbf
> Now this is were my newbie status shows in spades.  Am I correct to
> assume that this is a DOS command line instruction?  If it is I then get
> this error
> 'Java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
> operable program or batch file.
> Now and ice age of two has passed since I used DOS or Unix in anger and
> something tells me for "java" to be recognized it needs to be in a
> path.  Ironically I would have a better chance of doing this in Unix
> than DOS as I once used .profiles extensively in Unix.  Now if you have
> fallen off your chair laughing as this is not a command line instruction
> then please point me to what I should be doing.  Also big hint on
> scripts would be good.  I assume it might be a text file you
> write/steal/borrow?
> The idea is to create a MEM (Middle Earth Map for an Ent) just for
> Tassie at this stage with the zoom levels optimised for bushwalking.  By
> that, big peaks and foot tracks showing up big time.  As mentioned I
> played with the OSM_Australia *.IMG files with good success but they are
> optimised for motorised wheel machines not the la (or is is le?) ped.
> The ultimate is to bring contours and wait for it, natural features such
> as heath which is code for somewhere to pitch a tent.  If I get it right
> then from the satellite imagines I should have a few spots pre-worked
> out.  For those that have walked you can be five metres away from a
> perfect campsite but never know it.
> As again any pointers greatly appreciated.

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