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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Jul 18 09:45:09 BST 2012

Hi All

First the hardware

PC = ASUS NX90 (I7) running Windows Home Premium 64 bit version.
GPS = Garmin 62s
Phone = iPhone


Ok, I have just installed the java development kit.  This must be a different version to the Java I installed to get JOSM working.  Now when I type java in any directory it is acknowledge.  So thanks guys progress has been made.

I have downloaded mkgmap before and it appears to at least be "there" when I run java mkgmap.  So me thinks I have the basics there.

splitter-r200 is downloaded


I am a bushwalking in Tasssie and have been using Garmins maps and have become rather dissatisfied with them.  They have good detail on lakes but nothing on walking tracks and the mountains are in the wrong place and even have the wrong names.  Shonky is missing detail but was a great freebie.

I am getting into more off track walking so I am hoping to use OSM to develop maps.  A key feature missing from Garmin Maps (tracks aside) is land use such as clearings/heath.  It is remarkably easy from the satellite maps to spot potential camp sites so be great to mark them for looking at on the ground.

I have been playing with the IMG file for Tasmania from OSM website, both routable and standard and like what I see but they are optimised for vehicles with foot tracks not showing unto at the 300 metre scale is zoomed to.  As do mountains.  This means you are navigating at the micro level when these features should be at the macro level.  Huts is another item that needs to show up on macro level.

At the moment I have Contour 5M on my Garmin and load it over OSM.  This is a reasonable solution but looking for a more elegant one.  Especially one that will enable me to use Garmin Basecamp at homebase with contours.  Hence lookimg to combine contours with OSM.  I hear someone say, cyclemap.  They are rather non existent for Tassie and also very slow to update.  Also on website bombarded me with "requests" for donations I gave up downloading anything.

I have tried my iPhone running various app that use tiles and honestly the vector mapping system kills tiles.  The vector data is up-to-date while tiles can be weeks behind and massive download sizes at the finer scales.  Tiles seem to me rather paper based logic while vector is jet age.  Now time to dig I foxhole and hide from the flame throwers.

Because the map data is so basic for Tassie I am only wanting to download Tassie as I am constantly updating the map data. My access to the internet is my iPhone running as a hotspot so not keen for data cost and speed to download full Australia every time.

Have a look at the Walls area of Tassie (Mount Jerusalem heading to Mount Ida) and you can see my handy work.  I am gradually converting the bigger lakes from the rough scale used by what looks was an automated process from Landsat.  Also adding in any water source and starting on the mountains.


Oh and thanks the OSM community. I have been using the OSM forum for a few basic questions but would like to use this list to develop walking maps for Tassie at least with hopefully someone keen on other states mapping their home state.  And the emails have been greatly appreciated.

Cheers Brett


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