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Hi Andy,I'm not sure who to ask, but a response to your comments seems appropriate.  In my enthusiasm, I recently took some shortcuts (kind-of along the lines of those described by Nick, and including a lot of my own work).  Let's not go into specifics. In any case, I'm more than happy to re-map (a reasonably decent chunk of the Central Coast of N.S.W.) - I've already prepared a section of roads local to me based on GPS traces, but would love to run the process by someone more "in-the-know" than myself before proceeding further.  Not only do I want to make sure all is "above board" (it is now), but I'd also like to see if there's anything else I should add/include rather than perhaps require a second pass at the exercise (by myself, or anyone else). Can you recommend anyone who might be prepared to examine my work before uploading to OSM (once the redaction process is complete)?  I suppose, someone local (regionally) might be better.  I'm new(-ish) to the mapping side of things on OSM, but have utilised the Australian data for map production under the old license system, and would dearly like to contribute something in return. Otherwise, perhaps someone can steer me towards some other work with which I can assist.  Cheers,Paul.

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> Er, you can't trace from now out of data OSM mapping. That would be copying
> from the redacted data which is a definite nono
> Cheers
> Andy
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> > Perhaps we could turn on the opencyclemap background and trace for areas
> > not covered by bing? It always takes a while to update so maybe we have a
> > window of opportunity? Maybe this only works in potlatch? Anyway just a
> > thought, would be great if it worked
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> > > Is there a pre-redact copy of OSM/Australia that we could use to compare
> > (with Fredriki's great compare tool) with the current OSM so that we can
> > easily see which roads need to be remapped.
> > >
> > > Nick
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