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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 09:40:47 BST 2012

Hi Michael,

Yes Sydney is going to need a lot of work, as is Adelaide.

However looking at it another way, you guys are lucky... You've got a lot
of virgin territory to go out and map.

Back in the "good ol days" it was a real pleasure to go out (car, bike or
shank's pony) and collect gps traces and streert names. Then eventually
either all roads were mapped or someone had traced them and no virgin
mapping was available anymore.

In Canberra I'm restricted to getting a few new streets every other week
(as the new sign posts go up) and I've pretty much run out of country towns
to map within a driving radius of Canberra. Once the new licence is in and
I have bought Canberra back up to date, then I'll get back to completing
the other  400 odd bridge numbers and then I'll be left with nothing else
but the riding of every road in Canberra to record house numbers. I'll only
do this because I really like cycling (it helps with my fitness for my new
sport of dragon boating).

Later in the year, I'll try to get on the train (with my bike) after
Saturday Dragon Boat training and go up to Sydney to map a suburb on the
Sunday, unless, or course you guys have gone out and beaten me to all of
them :-)

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