[talk-au] Redaction progress

cam_daw at fastmail.fm cam_daw at fastmail.fm
Sun Jul 22 07:12:52 BST 2012

Hi David,

OpenStreetMap used to be cc-by-sa licenced, early this year we went to
the odbl.
Some data imports and users wanted to stay on the old licence, so now
there's a bot that's removing any cc-by-sa only nodes + ways + relations
to make OSM purely odbl compatible.

I intend to host a mapping party in melbourne with a few other OSM users
and the MLUG (melbourne Linux Users Group) sometime soonish.

I haven't worked out where or when I should host it just yet.  I'd like
to map out Epping (north of Melb in the outer suburbs).
If you can suggest some suburb(s) out the west that could greatly
benefit a mapping party let me know.

Send me a message on my osm profile if you're interested in comeing
along to my mapping party - and I'll eventually let you know when it'll

Other osm mappers in melbourne are also of course welcome.

Cheers, Cam.

>Hi again, what is the 'redaction progress'? It seems that many roads have been deleted and changed completely, even in the city, which i don't think have any copyright issues. Now, many roads are incomplete, and it's very hard as few people edit and go around in the Western Region of Melbourne. Hope everything's fine in other parts of Australia. :D
>Thanks, David
  cam_daw at fastmail.fm

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