[talk-au] OSRM A few basic questions

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Jul 22 22:25:12 BST 2012

Am 22.07.2012 01:51, schrieb Brett Russell:
> Hi
> A few things.
> 1. I used Polatch 2 to add a house and give it an address.  I chose 
> the last house in Oldaker Street Devonport with the number 237.  How 
> do I link the house to the street?

Add addr:street to the house (either building outline or the node).
> 2. I then used OSRM to find the route from Oldaker Street, Devonport 
> to George Street Launceston.  It gives me the option to select Oldaker 
> in Burnie or Devonport but not George Street in Launceston.  Thinks 
> Canada is a nice place to be.

OSRM uses nominatim to do address lookups, nominatim is currently (due 
to the redaction process) not being updated. As soon as we have a new 
ODBL licenced planet the nominatim database will be reloaded and we will 
have very fast updates again (and there should be substantially less 
issues with place nodes).

> 3.  So I type in George Street, Launceston and it decides I must be 
> heading to George Street in Longford.
> Basically what I am trying to do is test the routing to find and fix 
> broken routes.  The questions are rather newbie but OSM help and 
> search brings up countless opinions like you should be using JOSM 
> wi8th X or Y plugin (ok I have more than one computer and installing 
> JOSM on everyone including friends makes no sense). All I am after at 
> this stage is a simple means to test a route and fix it up.

Right now I would simply test routes between stuff that survived the 

> I assume that I need to split roads and give each section a different 
> speed limit when it changes.

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