[talk-au] Establishing Priorities on the Central Coast

Paul HAYDON CADManager at live.com.au
Tue Jul 24 18:49:30 BST 2012

Hi Ben,

I'd really like to establish those (re-)mapping tasks, but lack the experience with OSM to lead it. Would you fancy collaborating? I think someone with your experience would be invaluable.

My suggestion would be as follows:
1.  Coastline (I think mostly okay)
2.  Water bodies (already started)
3.  Railways
4.  Motorway / freeway
5.  Trunk / primary / secondary / tertiary (ideal opportunity to discuss classification)
6.  Local
7.  Tracks etc. (Get those 4B enthusiasts involved)
8. Waterways
9.  Paths / cycleways
NOTE: Nos 7-9 need not be relegated to last - those with local knowledge (and an interest in those areas) can jump right in. Same for #3 (I nominate you!)...

SO, any takers interested in getting organised on the N.S.W. Central Coast?  (For arguement's sake, let's call it Woy Woy to Swansea - unless someone has a preferred recommendation).

Let me know...


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The road hierarchy on the Central Coast (and everywhere) is, i guess, based on a combination of contributor perceptions and people trying to make sense of guidelines in the OSM wiki. There will always be debate about road classifications because so many factors can justify the relative importance of a road, and those criteria vary from country to country.

Once the RTA (or RMS or whatever they're called this week) get around to removing all those pesky green cover-plates off the road signs to reveal the new routes I think we'll have a clearer picture. I doubt SR83 will exist for much longer - certainly not via Donnison Street at least, but possibly a new B route via Manns Road.

There's a swag of local streets and classifications in our area that need review... so if you believe something is wrong and you have sound reasoning, then feel free to change them.


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On 21/07/2012, at 9:51, Paul HAYDON <cadmanager at live.com.au> wrote:

> How is the road network hierarchy established?  Consult any number of maps (internet and other) and you'll see differing arrangements (esp. trunk/primary, but also what qualifies as secondary & tertiary).  For example, on the Central Coast of N.S.W., the motorway/freeway is simple, and the Central Coast Hwy was tagged as "trunk" (now decimated, certainly around The Entrance).  The Pacific Hwy north of Gosford is only tagged "primary", so clearly not as simple as road-type.  Google Maps has it reversed (Pacific Hwy more important), but Bing does not.  Just wondering...

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