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I did see some relations on the M4 that were broken, I'll go back and 
check them. Must learn more about relations too.

Glad to hear you a sticking around John. :)


On 25/07/2012 8:18 AM, Ian Sergeant wrote:
> >   But for metroad 10 for
> > example, there were 2 x relations for metroad ten.  I expected they 
> were for
> > north and south bound routes as that is the way they appeared to be 
> listed
> > in some other areas I checked so that is what I have done.  Put one 
> relation
> > for north and the other for south.  If that's not right let me know 
> and I
> > will fix.  Not sure how a routing relation works anyway.
> For the Sydney metroads I have added directional route relations, that 
> use two directional relations for each metroad. This allows the 
> connectivity of the route to be checked quickly during the 
> reconstruction phase, and otherwise does no harm. When we have reached 
> the next stage of maturity we can decide if we want to merge them back 
> into a single route relation with directional elements.  So, yes, what 
> you have done is correct.
> > 2. for the road naming where the ref tag for metroad 10 was MR10 I have
> > changed those to network=MR and ref=10.  Same for the other roads I have
> > worked on.  Not *certain* that is correct though either so if 
> someone could
> > enlighten me would be good thanks
> >
> That is correct.  See the Australian tagging guidelines in the wiki.
> > 3. state highway 29 continues from boundary street along pacific 
> highway and
> > then along delhi road, which makes that small section of the pacific 
> highway
> > sh29 *and* mr1.  what should I use to reflect that?
> It can be part of both route relations.
> > Just my own view on the redaction process.  No issue with people who
> > declined the licence agreement.  However it was annoying for me to 
> see one
> > of the very first things I used for practice vanish in a puff of 
> smoke. It
> > was just a building outline, a coles supermarket.  I named it, put 
> in the
> > opening hours, telephone number, full address details eg addr: city: etc
> > etc.  I turned it into a thing of beauty by entering approx 10 odd 
> pieces of
> > information, just for practice and learning.  I thought it a bit 
> harsh just
> > because someone traced a building roof everything I added went as well.
> > Tracing the building would have taken less than a minute.  I spent 40
> > minutes researching and entering that extra detail on that single item.
> Your change sets are still available. You should be able to at least 
> refer to the info you have added.  And yes, the loss of data in this 
> way is the hardest.  One person just traces from an aerial and then 
> does not agree.  Others survey, add cycle facilities, names etc that 
> are lost to OSM.  I don't know if it still possible to better use some 
> of this "unattached" data in the database down the track.
> Ian
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