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Eric Rose ericr at wamble.net
Fri Jul 27 04:46:42 BST 2012

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On 27/07/12 11:47, cam_daw at fastmail.fm wrote:
> Hi Eric,
> Try gpsbabel, it's a handy tool that lets you convert ways / tracks /
> routes from one format to another:
> http://www.gpsbabel.org/

I wish it worked, as that's how I used to do stuff with the old Edge 705
and TCX format.

Unfortunately, even though the GPSBabel site tells me that version 1.4.2
supports FIT files with garmin_fit (for tracks at least), I get a "Input
type not recognised" error when I try and convert a FIT file.

I might have to download a converted file from ridewithgps after I
upload it there.


> It can be a little complicated to use, and there is a command line and a
> gui interface.
> The documentation on gpsbabel's website is very good.
> Cheers,
> Cam.
>> I'm in Marrickville, but may be able to spend time cycling around and
>> collecting traces in surrounding areas. Given that I haven't been an
>> active mapper for a while, I'll have to re-familiarise myself with the
>> tools again, and work out how to easily convert data from my Edge 800
>> (FIT format) to GPX.
>> All my previous mapping was done around Mullumbimby, and my primary
>> focus is on recreating data from my old traces in that area.
>> Eric

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