[talk-au] mapping Sydney, etc with Tasking Server

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sat Jul 28 14:44:05 BST 2012

The tasking server allows mappers to select an area to map.  Others
can see which areas have been mapped and which have not.  The goal
being increased coordination and reduced duplication.

There are several mapping tasks currently, including Sydney, kindly
hosted by Simon Poole.


I see that ten users are mapping in Sydney with the tasking server, in
addition to the others mapping "freestyle". :-)

I find the tasking server helpful in focusing my efforts.  I take my
"assigned" area, open it in an editor with the links that are
provided, then edit. The workflow "burden" of the tasking server is to
provide a comment when you complete each area.

Give it a try.

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