[talk-au] mapping Sydney, etc with Tasking Server

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Jul 28 23:46:26 BST 2012

Well since this is mainly for armchair mappers that don't have an easy
way of verifying street names, I would suggest simply tracing as good as
possible (no houses for now :-)) so that we get a road network back.
Even if we have a majority of roads without names in some places, we can
route still to those that have retained them. Setting the tile to "Done"
avoids another mapper going over it again just looking for stuff to trace.

The system allows for a 2nd pass "verfication" pass which could be used
for adding names and other stuff from the locals. In any case in the end
I suspect we will all be using either the no-name OSMI layer ir
something similar.


Am 28.07.2012 22:02, schrieb Ben Johnson:
> Now there's 11...  I love this. Thank you Simon! This concept removes
> a lot of indecision.
> My only question is - when is it safe to click the "Done" button?   Is
> it just for the definition and connection of the geometry of streets
> and major features, etc.. ?   I just marked an area as "Done", but
> there's unnamed streets.
> BJ
> On 28/07/2012, at 11:44 PM, Richard Weait wrote:
>> The tasking server allows mappers to select an area to map.  Others
>> can see which areas have been mapped and which have not.  The goal
>> being increased coordination and reduced duplication.
>> There are several mapping tasks currently, including Sydney, kindly
>> hosted by Simon Poole.
>> http://rebuild.poole.ch/job/8
>> I see that ten users are mapping in Sydney with the tasking server, in
>> addition to the others mapping "freestyle". :-)
>> I find the tasking server helpful in focusing my efforts.  I take my
>> "assigned" area, open it in an editor with the links that are
>> provided, then edit. The workflow "burden" of the tasking server is to
>> provide a comment when you complete each area.
>> Give it a try.
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