[talk-au] Marrickville Cycle Routes (Was: Re: Redaction recovery)

Sam Russell g.samuelrussell at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 02:49:58 BST 2012

Ian wrote,
> On the subject of Marrickville cycle routes, I know they were one of the
> only councils in Sydney with nicely numbered routes from point to point.
> However, the route numbers have gone off their web page.  The few route
> numbers that remain around the LGA are in disrepair, and most have gone.

> Do we want to remap Marrickville using what I think is now an outdated
> route numbering scheme, or bring the mapping inline with the rest of

Where route numbers are in repair or in repair but separated by clear
intervening route signs, keep the route ref and name.
Where route numbers are in disrepair copy key:ref=L# to key:old_ref=L#?

My Saturday ride is unplanned right now, I'm happy to go chasing routing
and route identity signs in Marrickville.

Sam R.
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