[talk-au] Plea to Australian decliners. An agreement from morb_au.

Brendan Morley morb_au at commonmap.info
Sat Mar 31 00:20:47 BST 2012

Hi Grant,

Thank you for the invitation.

It's time for me to show some leadership on this issue.
I'm going to agree to OSM's request for new Contributor Terms.

For sure, the OSM licence change made me think long and hard about what 
I really wanted to get out of my contributions.  And that's a 
conversation for another day.

But my philosophy is pretty simple.

Ultimately I want my contributions to be "write once, use anywhere".

But there are practical considerations. Many of my contributions were 
built upon work that did not explicitly agree to OSMF's new terms; 
NearMap and Yahoo in particular.  Could I really agree to the OSMF terms 

In private conversations with @rweait and @melaskia I have been assured 
that yes, I can.  I'm certainly keeping @rweait's email for safe 
keeping, just in case.

There being no further excuses not to accept OSMF's offer, I am going to 
say yes.  It would be petty of me to continue to hold out.

I would suggest if other holdouts have had similar concerns, they 
consider this philosophy and see if it works for them.  Quickly.


Brendan Morley
President, CommonMap Inc.
morb_au at commonmap.info
Queensland Incorporated Association 37762
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On 31/03/2012 12:54 AM, Grant Slater wrote:
> Australian Decliners,
> As a mapper, contributor and member of the project's sysadmin team I
> kindly ask you to please reconsider your declined status. Time is
> about to run out.
> The strength of the project is mappers (bonus points to GPS mappers)
> and other contributors. If you have decided to move onto FOSM.org,
> CommonMap or other fork I wish you luck and morn the loss of you as an
> OSM mapper.
> Declining hurts fellow Australian mappers who have in good faith build
> data on-top of your contributions and will leave animosity between our
> projects.
> Thanks
>   Grant
>   Mapper and overworked volunteer OpenStreetMap sysadmin.
> This message is all mine. I am not some cheap rent boy paid by OSMF,
> Bing / Microsoft, MapQuest / AOL, Lizard-People or any other group.

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