[talk-au] Optimising map rendering for recreational use

Ben Kelley ben.kelley at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 04:31:50 GMT 2012


I think tagging for the renderer is a bad idea.

Essentially you are talking more about render hints, but I think that
becomes a matter of preference pretty fast. Especially when OSM data can be
rendered in a number of ways.

I think it is worth considering what about a road makes you want to render
it as a different type of road.

  - Ben Kelley.
 On Nov 1, 2012 3:01 PM, "Li Xia" <lisxia1982 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey everyone, have an idea about map rendering and want to get your
> thoughts.
> One of the challenges is in rendering a useful map for recreational use is
> displaying roads, tracks, trails and to some degree water lines at
> appropriate zoom levels in more remote regions where the density is lower
> compared with urban regions.
> In my opinion, most map service online services or offline vector engine
> experience the same issue. Here are some illustrations of the issue, by
> comparing Google / OSM / Raster map of the same region:
> Google<http://www.mud-maps.com/li_temp/1211/Screen%20Shot%202012-10-25%20at%204.42.31%20PM.png>
> OSM<http://www.mud-maps.com/li_temp/1211/Screen%20Shot%202012-10-25%20at%204.42.26%20PM.png>
> Raster map<http://www.mud-maps.com/li_temp/1211/Screen%20Shot%202012-10-25%20at%204.42.22%20PM.png>
> As you can clearly see, at that zoom level, there's no deal on either OSM
> or Google maps, where as the raster map is useful. yes you can zoom in on
> Google or OSM, but with a smaller viewing port, orientation is more
> difficult and you loose that overview which is try handy for trip planning.
> By using a tag specific for rendering purposes, this issue can be
> overcome. Rendering engines can take advantage of these tags to "optimise"
> rendering of various regions.
> The tags are fairly self explanatory. By tagging a road with
> render_as:trunk, this feature can be rendered at the same zoom level as a
> trench road. Each class of road will have it's own tag so if a
> highway:territory should be rendered at the same zoom level as a primary,
> then tag render_as:tertiary.
> What do you guys think?
> Cheers
> Li.
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