[talk-au] Optimising map rendering for recreational use

Li Xia lisxia1982 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 08:47:01 GMT 2012

Thanks for the suggestions, I couldn't agree more for static rendering. However this approach has some massive draw backs in terms of performance.

Another idea was using routes to define the importance, what do you guys think about this approach?


On 01/11/2012, at 5:13 PM, Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> What do you guys think?
> It's non trivial to do it this way, but:
> Define a relationship between zoom level and number of ways/nodes within the bounding box
> Sort the ways in a weighted fashion - roads first, land boundaries second, etc
> Zoom level max, with 10 nodes to render: well, that should likely render everything
> Zoom level max - 1 with 1 billion nodes to render - roads only
> To actually set up the balance between zoom and what to render would be hard, but I think that's a better approach than render hints. Alternatively, after implementing it, you could add a 'render weighting/interest' attribute to a lot of ways, which would be like a render hint but also suitable for other purposes - ie: routing or search.

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