[talk-au] Rendering hint suggestions

Li Xia lisxia1982 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 08:55:03 GMT 2012

Other than skobbler, which is more for turn by turn, i've never seen anything that can render a regional map to the standard we are chasing.

Nodes are already been reduced dynamically by marking each node at compile time with a level of importance. 

Issue isn't reducing nodes, it's more related to at which zoom level each road class is been rendered. Issues lies in the difference in density. A config that works well for metro areas doesn't work in regional areas.


On 01/11/2012, at 7:46 PM, John Smith wrote:

> On 1 November 2012 19:32, Li Xia <lisxia1982 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The issue is one of performance, and sorting data no the fly is an expensive operation.
> there is already apps that do off line rendering, they pre-process
> data, and usually drop the number of nodes to 1/10th etc

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