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David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
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 Li, I beg to differ. While I agree that grading of a 4x4 track is
subjective, so is much of the other data in the OSM database. Must be
that way.

The real issue is how important the data is. As I have mentioned, I am
concerned that maps are being rendered that ignore this data. Routing
engines are potentially sending people down roads that they, and their
vehicles are ill suited to. Bad things will definitely happen.

The routing people are saying "but these tags don't even show on the
OSM maps, why should we worry ?". 

And as to subjective, while there will always be borderline cases, I
don't think it would be too hard to divide tracks up into -

* 4x4 recommended - you will might be OK in a conventional car or
(better still) an SUV but you have been warned.

* 4x4 required - you really need a stock 4x4, a real one with (eg) low

* 4x4 extreme - this is for the death or glory boys, they need
experience and modified vehicles. This is a recent addition !

I am pretty sure that if you and I spent a couple of weeks having some
driving fun, we'd agree on the vast majority of the tracks we graded.


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 Hi David, just my 2 cents on 4WD_only tags.

 By adding a 4x4 recommended tag will add to the complexity because
it's kind of subjective as to which roads/tracks are traversable in a
2WD vehicle, therefor adding another option for this key will further
complicate the issue. 

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