[talk-au] traffic lights on dual carriageway intersections

Ian Steer iansteer at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 4 09:58:24 GMT 2012

>>>> By choosing to place traffic light not on the intersection node, you
are failing to represent that "this is an intersection of two roads,
controlled by traffic signals".

I don't see how it is failing to represent that - the intersection is there
(the ways intersect at nodes), and there are traffic signals *before* the
intersection (not smack-bang in the middle of the intersection)

>>>> Instead you are choosing to represent "There is a stop line here and
traffic signal and further on there is an intersection".

- but isn't that EXACTLY what we have - a stop line with a traffic signal,
with an intersection further on ?

- and if we were REALLY keen, the same *could* be done for single carriage
way intersections (but I'm not suggesting that that is a sensible option)


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