[talk-au] traffic lights on dual carriageway intersections

Steer isteer at iinet.net.au
Wed Nov 7 12:21:58 GMT 2012

So, Ian Sergeant has presented reasoning why we should not pursue more
complicated schemes for applying traffic lights to intersections of dual
carriageways - fair enough.


This brings me back to the incident that triggered me to start this thread:
there are several intersections of dual carriageways in Perth CBD where only
1 of the 4 nodes are marked with traffic lights, and this struck me as
wrong, and hence I asked what was the correct and accepted method.


If we are to reject the more complex solution of adding traffic lights one
node back from the interesting nodes (as implemented in Melbourne CBD, and
reasoned against by Ian), surely we should be marking all 4 intersection
nodes as having traffic lights ?? (not just one).


what does everyone think ?


Ian Steer

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