[talk-au] tagging 4WD and dirt roads - I give up.

Ian Steer iansteer at iinet.net.au
Tue Nov 13 09:29:26 GMT 2012

I have been following this topic on a "casual basis" (ie I don't feel
passionately about it), but I think that what you have written sounds fine.

I guess that you will hear from people that feel passionately against your
views, but those that think that what you have written makes sense might
form the silent majority.

Don't give up - there will always be views at odds with your own.

Maybe all the others that think the proposal makes sense should speak up too




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OK, I have to recognise that my "proposed proposal" is not attracting any
support. So I will walk away. However, that leaves the problem unsolved and
, I still think, dangerously so.

Are there any alternatives folks ? Should we (ie in Australia) encourage
people to use smoothness= for example ? I hate the tag name and the values
associated with it but maybe its the only game in town ? There are already
considerably more horrible, very_horrible and impassable values set against
smoothness than 4wd_Only? tags and by a considerable factor. It does offer a
degree of "fine grain" against 4wd_only's 'yes' or not there.

However, (eg) OSM website map ignores smoothness= (unlike tracktype) but
that may be becuse not enough people are complaining about it. But I must
say, I would not feel anywhere near as confident asking renderers about
smoothness= as I would about an extended tracktype=.

Please consider....


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