[talk-au] Tagging dirt and 4x4 roads - new approach

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Sun Nov 25 10:07:37 GMT 2012

On Sun, 2012-11-25 at 20:35 +1100, Steve Bennett wrote:

> One thought that occurs here would be to tag the *maintenance* of a
> track rather than its *current state*.

Yep, that would be useful info indeed. Not sure how 'collectible' it
would be though. The (dirt) road that I live on is graded reasonably
frequently but I could not tell you how many times per year or when it
was last done. And I live on that road !

> AFAIK the major issue with rendering changes is resources to implement
> them. So, if someone writes the code to do it, much greater chance of
> it happening.
Maybe, maybe not. The actual changes required are not that extensive
really. I have built a mapnik and pgsql system on my laptop using the
OSM config files. Its trivial to include new tags into the rendering
database. (Although unfortunately, "4wd_only" has some technical
issues.) Getting Mapnik to then render them is more a matter of agreeing
on how to do it than actually doing it IMHO. Sadly, our desired "dashed
casing" is already used for tunnels, but possibly a different colour
will work, or dashed infill ? But importantly, we can copy, in part, how
its done for a tunnel.

Issue really is these guys will have some pretty heavy change controls
in place. And there will be some pressure to not add anything unless its
really proved essential, every extra bit of processing slows each

So, we need a really good case rather than clever coding I'm afraid.


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