[talk-au] New Australian caching server. Feedback?

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 21:40:52 BST 2012

Ben wrote

'Classic. "You know you've got an OSM addiction problem when..." '

What!!  - I've only got 28 GPS units, at last count :-)

Actually, with so many unit on me when I ride the bike (3 or 4) I thought
I'd try to see if they interfered with each other. I believe this is why
some airlines (or Captains) disallow GPS usage on a flight. (They think
that GPS units act as some sort of secondary re-transmitter of the GPS
signal. Anyway I dont believe that the units (in the 3 back pockets of my
bike top) caused each other any problems.

Having said that though,  when the Qstarz 10hz unit was in one of the
pockets, it was about 30 metres off for the first 20 laps then jumped a
further 20 meters away for the next 20.

I think that this unit just requires a better look at the sky than other
units since the next day I had it strapped to the top of my helmet and it
was bang on.  (It did cause my head to overheat probably from breaking up
the airflow).

Last weekend the Qstarz 10hz performed poorly in the car so I need to do a
lot more tests on it.
Im going to have to buy one more logger. The Holux GPSport 260pro is as
good ad the 260 but also will talk to ANT+ heartrate and cadence monitors.
This is importand for me because it is not easy to read my Garmin gps watch
while I am riding flat out and the Holux is easiy handlebar mounted.

PS - I just saw that Cobago suffered a "mapslide" in the redaction process.
I won't be able to get down there for a couple of months so if anyone is
driving past, I t would only take half an hour to basic road map it!

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