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Gee, thats pretty revealing !

I see a number of error there that I suspect I may have made, in
particular relating to ways that are close but don't join another way.
I think this highlights a lack of a "best practice" document on how to
add ways to the map. I can remember getting warnings from JOSM on the
subject, but the warnings say something to the effect that don't let
that stop you from submitting the addition. 

Considering the great tools available and the incredible effort by so
many people, its a pity we don't have that "best practice", I suspect
there is concern it may scare people away !



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Hi ben    
[1]   gets the routing outside europe  ( I had the same problem and
went looking for this url)     .
http://keepright.ipax.at/report_map.php?schema=50&error=38081608 [2]
    paints an even gloomier picture.  I am well on the way to
fixing Canberra but the number of errors was/is amazing. I'm just
about to do the floating Islands (orange in keep right).    Nick  


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