[talk-au] The OSM ladder

Russell Edwards russell at edwds.net
Tue Oct 16 09:58:48 BST 2012

Maybe I'm missing something but surely it depends not only on the radius 
of curvature of the track but also the width of the tunnel. It has been 
bugging me that ways have no width in OSM. But I suppose the alternative 
would be very hard to manage.

Secondly, even if you don't trust the path marked when inside the tunnel 
.. you could at least work out a minimum radius of curvature based on 
the heading of the tracks as they join each end of the tunnel.


On 16/10/12 18:40, Nick Hocking wrote:
> Actually, I've just had a go with a 50 metre "stick insect" in JOSM 
> and it is REALLY touch and go  (or is that touch and stay).
> Nick
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