[talk-au] The OSM ladder

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 07:50:55 BST 2012

Ben wrote "Also, thank you for fixing those track sections at St Marys. Do
you know what happened there?
                    Given there was a derailment there 2 months ago, I find
this a spooky co-incidence..."

Co-incidently I was in Sydney for the day, on that day, for a work meeting
and as I was heading back to the XPT I saw the signs about the derailment.
As to the mis-edit, probably just and overmapped helper from overseas who
should have given up an hour before and gone to bed. Making lots of boring
edits all at once is a recipe for lots of mistakes.

Thanks for the links - it seems that the area around Pictgon is very
problematic - this is not looking good :-( .  Also  flying it to Australia
could be difficult since the world record for the longest cargo is 42
metres (in an Antinov 225 aircraft).

Still, I don't have a problem with trying to set a world record.   If this
doesn't work then we would need to ship it to Australia or maybe just build
it/them here, but how boring would that be. This could be all about making
huge headlines around the country which would be a win for everyone

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