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David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Tue Oct 23 01:09:53 BST 2012

Hi Folks, a summary of discussion on dirt roads before I hack at the
discussion tab of Australian_Road_Tagging. Seems to me two issues not
completely clear -

1. Nathan sees all cases of highway=track implying 4x4 required. I
don't really agree, the dynamic range in this space is just too tight,
we need to use 'track' on roads that are both 4x4 and not 4x4. Thats
what 4x4_only tag is for. Whats the feeling here folks ?

2. Ian likes the idea that tracks or unsealed roads can be marked
4x4_only=no if someone has done a survey and decided that's
appropriate. Particularly in places where there may be some assumption
that the tracks are often pretty tough. I am not completely convinced,
see two problems, it does, to some extent, change the idea that
default is 'no'. Secondly, importantly, tracks change over time and
people opinions on what is and is not a 4x4 track vary. Saying "you
will be OK in a conventional car" is a lot stronger statement than
"you might/will need a 4x4". Comments please ?

At present, mainstream rendering  emphasizes the purpose of a road.
Trouble is that (possibly uninformed) people look at the maps and
assume a thick prominent line means a well maintained, probably sealed

I think there is some agreement that a means of showing the "4x4-ness"
of a track on the mainstream (ie mapnik) maps is desirable and
possibly a safety issue. The best way to show this might be to append
"4x4" to the name of tracks where 4x4_only is set to yes or
recommended (Matt).  

Similarly, showing sealed/unsealed may also be a good idea.

I note that if you look at the slippery map on osm.org, click Map Key
at a zoomed in level there is a key for "unsealed road", a thick grey
dashed line. I spent an hour looking for an example of that on
Australian and overseas maps but found none. But thats what we want

If we are to have even the slightest chance of getting changes in this
space, it will be because we all agree and play the safety card !

I will clarify lanes=1 where two cars cannot pass at 'normal' speed
(Paul, John). And no lanes= tag for default situation.

I will also suggest that survey is probably required for tracks, sat
or aerial sources risk missing things like water crossing or gates
that completely change the nature of the whole road. A safety issue


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