[talk-au] 4wd_only Tag - is it the right choice ?

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Sun Oct 28 02:22:55 GMT 2012

You point out the problem with this:

tracktype is ignored on everything except highway=track

You would have to modify this in the rendering anyway.

As 4wd_only can apply to any highway= tag it is more appropriate.

 From memory this was part of the original discussion when 4wd_only was 

Additionally my feeling is that because it's not rendered it's not used 
and Australian understanding of 4WD is definitely different to the 
European understanding.

Have a look through the original proposal on the wiki and also the 
smoothness discussion


On 28/10/12 11:00, David Bannon wrote:
> Now, I am not suggesting that tracktype is a dropin replacement for
> 4wd_only, far from it, the definition I read says to me it stops before
> 4wd_only (see  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:tracktype ) but we
> might find getting a grade 6 and grade 7 (or better still,
> 4wdRecommended and 4wdOnly) added to tracktype easier than getting
> 4wd_only=recommended added to the list. And if we do, then with all
> those numbers, we may be able to get special rendering, and, importantly
> special routing rules apply to them.
> Indeed, seems that at present, all five grades of tracktype are rendered
> differently. Ranges from grade one as a thin but solid brown line to
> grade5's small dots.
> So, I know this is not what was discussed, but do people want to re
> think the agreed position ?
> David
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