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Hi Steve

Thanks for that information.  Gradually getting the hang of them on the simple examples but when I struck Lake Gordon wonder what on earth the "incomplete [id 31755640]" meant.  It looks like an error message but as you commented earlier the lake is rendering as it should.  Do notice that in JOSM the lake does not render correctly once I split a way and then refine it probably due to the size of the lake exceeding the downloadable segment. 

Due to the size of the Lake I am splitting sections out and tracing them in with more nodes and then reconnecting them.     The delay in tile render can make this a bit challenging to check but looks like based on your notes that I am doing the right thing.

And finally mastering getting maps on my Garmin with contours and rendered like mapnik.  Thanks to a fellow list member I now can update the Australia pbf file and also extract contours for any part of the globe that has them.  Typviewer means I can create or "steal" icons.  Gradually figuring out the style sheet plus a few Garmin idiosyncrasies that mean things like resolution levels do not work past a certain pre-set Garmin point.  

Next step will be implementing sac_scale for walking tracks and revisiting the unpaved road issue.  Plus seeing if I can liberate the higher 1 second contour line scans that were down as part of the SRTM contours for Australia.

Cheers Brett

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Don't overthink the multipolygon.

It is just a collection of nodes and ways, which is then (almost) tagged as if it is a way.

Lake Gordon looks ok at the moment, so you might have worked it out...

For lakes in JOSM,
1) Draw the outer edge of the lake as one way or a series of connnected ways.
2) Draw the edge of the islands as one way per island or a series of connected ways per island.
3) Select all the ways you have drawn for the lake and go to the 'Tools' menu and select 'Create Multi-polygon CTRL+ALT+A'. This will get JOSM to create a multipolygon relation, this is where you have all the lake related tags, not tags specific to the islands, the natural=island goes directly on the island way.
4) To add tags to the multipolygon, select one of the ways then under the normal properties side bar you should see a 'Member Of' area, double click on the multipolygon shown.
5) The tags for a multipolygon relation (lake) are:
   - type=multipolygon
   - natural=water
   - name=Lake Gordon
   - source=...
6) For each way/node in a multipolygon you need to define its role.  JOSM will attempt to do this automatically for you if you had all the ways selected when creating the multipolygon.  If not:
   - All ways that form the outer edge of the lake have the role of 'outer'
   - All ways that form the islands in the lake have the role of 'inner'

Note that when you are in the relation editor window, do not add or delete nodes in the map window behind, as it sometimes confuses it (will it sometimes asks you some questions which confuses me...).  So always click OK (or cancel) on that window prior to changing nodes in the main window.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need more details.  I suggest you read the multipolygon and relation wiki pages.

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Must admit that multipolygon relationships have me confused.  Lake Gordon is a good example.  Thought, great I will refine the shoreline by selecting two points and breaking them and then deleting the section and rebuilding it with both ends joined.  But I notice weird lines across the lake and incomplete inner and out mentioned in the relationship.  Tried deleting them incomplete ones but all I get is confused. 

Rather than just fix my stuff up can some one walk me through fixing it as I loathed to touch them.  Generally it is only the 2000 point limit and islands that forces me to use them.  I am using JOSM.

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