[talk-au] Gordon Lake - Multipolygon relations - I just do not understand

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Good to here that you are gaining confidence and are working it out.

I'm not sure where you are seing the "incomplete [id 12345567]" error, however when you are in the relation editing window there is a button on the left hand side that (for me it is 2nd from the bottom), lets you download all the ways/nodes from that the relation. Maybe this will help with the error.
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Hi Steve

Thanks for that information. Gradually getting the hang of them on the simple examples but when I struck Lake Gordon wonder what on earth the "incomplete [id 31755640]" meant. It looks like an error message but as you commented earlier the lake is rendering as it should. Do notice that in JOSM the lake does not render correctly once I split a way and then refine it probably due to the size of the lake exceeding the downloadable segment.

Due to the size of the Lake I am splitting sections out and tracing them in with more nodes and then reconnecting them. The delay in tile render can make this a bit challenging to check but looks like based on your notes that I am doing the right thing.

And finally mastering getting maps on my Garmin with contours and rendered like mapnik. Thanks to a fellow list member I now can update the Australia pbf file and also extract contours for any part of the globe that has them. Typviewer means I can create or "steal" icons. Gradually figuring out the style sheet plus a few Garmin idiosyncrasies that mean things like resolution levels do not work past a certain pre-set Garmin point. 

Next step will be implementing sac_scale for walking tracks and revisiting the unpaved road issue. Plus seeing if I can liberate the higher 1 second contour line scans that were down as part of the SRTM contours for Australia.

Cheers Brett
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