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Brett Russell brussell237 at live.com.au
Wed Aug 28 00:55:41 UTC 2013

Hi John
Making good progress with OSM and mkgmap to developed good walking maps with contours and tracks that hang in as you zoom out.
Tried to use Basecamp to plan a walk and it was terrible.  Got there in the end but never again!
QLandkartGT looks interesting but a few questions if ok with you.
1. Can it use the img files on a Garmin device?
2. Can you overlay satellite imagery?
3. Does it use the contour lines to generate a vertical graph or is it like Basecamp it can only do this with tracks from the GPS?
4. How easy is it to plan a route and/or convert it to a track?
Having now done a lot of OSM mapping I am looking to actually use the data.  As mentioned I now have a good bushwalking img plus a smaller transparent one of tracks and huts that I can overlay over Garmin's maps.  My weakness at the moment is home planning software as Basecamp is downright frustrating and slow to use to plan with.  Ok for storage and displaying past trips.
 Cheers Brett 		 	   		  
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