[talk-au] Adding residential properties?

Daniel O'Connor daniel.oconnor at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 21:31:09 UTC 2013

I started out with buildings, but got a bit excited in my local area;
getting down into trees, power lines, fences, driveways etc.


Not super pretty looking.

Nowdays, I tend to map the primary houses only, and perhaps significant
features like a tennis court or pool if present.


I wouldn't worry about tracing the individual parcels of land - there are
better data sets which are maintained by various governments, either at
cost or as open data (vicmap cadastre, psma's cadlite, etc); but to my
knowledge no one is flying LIDAR equipped planes over AU cities and
publishing the data yet re buildings.

Anyway once you get past your street/block/etc; I'd recommend you start
tracing buildings along your way to work or a similar commute.
That lets you use a tool like Vespucci OSM Editor or Keypad Mapper 3 to
collect data, if you are a public transport user or tend to walk from A to

Another piece of data that is quite interesting is building:levels.

If you work in the city as I do, it becomes fairly easy to tag the multiple
story buildings with the same tools.

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> > A simple example starting with my own house - how should residential
> > buildings be tagged?
> >
> > The block they sit on is more of a land use concern, but the specific
> > buildings don't occupy the entire block - and seem like they should be
> > tagged "house".
> >
> > Is this a correct way to go about things? The goal here would be to get
> > my local area updated with street numbers so generated addresses can
> > provide navigation to specific locations.
> >
> > Would it be correct to trace the outline of the blocks, and label them
> > with the address and tag the land as "residential" use? Would this be
> > likely to accomplish the overall goal (provide street numbers for my
> > area)?
> My practice is
> - Add the buidings from imagery, generally with building=house and
>   building=shed
> - Add address info from a survey, either with field papers + pen or
>   geotagged photos
> - Add other interesting features from the survey (paths, mailboxes, etc)
> - Trace out the landuse, generally as larger than single blocks, but
>   using separate polygons for areas split on major roads
> This generally involves an initial imagery-based mapping for buildings,
> trees, paths, and other stuff visible from imagery, a survey, then a
> final mapping using survey notes + imagery.
> It helps having buildings mapped already when collecting addresses.
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