[talk-au] JOSM and losing Bing Hi Res zoom recently

Jason Ward jasonjward5 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 22:59:24 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

I'm at a bit of a loss right now and wonder if any of you have experienced
the same issue.

For about a week on 2 different machines I have only had access to zoom
level 19.

I've pretty much run down every google result possible (remove tile cache,
remove attribution file et al)  and am still having the issue.

I've even looked up the JOSM bug tracker and sat in the JOSM dev chat room
before posting here.  The reason I'm starting here is to check if it's a
localised Bing problem or whether one of you smart people knows whether
something has changed that would cause this issue.

I note that other parts of the globe are not affected as I can view London
at a Zoom of 20 (I think).

Help! I've done a local street survey for house numbering and I'm reluctant
to do any tracing until I can resolve this.


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