[talk-au] JOSM and losing Bing Hi Res zoom recently

Alex Sims alex at softgrow.com
Thu Dec 5 23:54:12 UTC 2013

Hi Jason,

There seems to be two layers in Bing in South Australia. A high resolution three or four year old layer and a lower resolution layer only about twelve months old. This may be related to what you are seeing.

On 6 Dec 2013, at 9:29 am, Jason Ward <jasonjward5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> For about a week on 2 different machines I have only had access to zoom level 19.
> I've pretty much run down every google result possible (remove tile cache, remove attribution file et al)  and am still having the issue.
> I've even looked up the JOSM bug tracker and sat in the JOSM dev chat room before posting here.  The reason I'm starting here is to check if it's a localised Bing problem or whether one of you smart people knows whether something has changed that would cause this issue.
> I note that other parts of the globe are not affected as I can view London at a Zoom of 20 (I think).

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