[talk-au] New member - making changes to Sydney -Epping, Eastwood, Lindfield areas

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 23:14:20 UTC 2013

An introduction.
I'm local to the North Epping area - so made some changes to this area 
and additions to Eastwood that were missing. So you know who to blame :)

Some list questions:

I've gone back through the last 3 digests to get a feel of what is going 
on here ..

I've some replies I'd like to made.. so?

Just write an email with the subject set to Re:(original subject here) 
and write it up? These are subjects I've seen in recent archived digest...

Can I search for a particular topic - like the roads for WA... in past 
posts? Reason - I'd not like to repeat things answered in the past.

  I think I've added a bit of a road to there but I've set it to track, 
from https://gis.mainroads.wa.gov.au/roadinformationmap/ I'd like to 
change the type of road errr Highway to something more appropriate... so 
it shows at a higher level of zoom. So there should be an existing topic 
on this - appropriate highway types for WA main road classifications.. 
somewhere in the past? Note I've yet to test it for continuity etc.
Umm I've some ideas for changes to to the Australian Tagging Guidelines 
- OpenStreetMap Wiki.htm.. too .. but would like to see past discussions 
on it first. Save repeating stuff.

That will do ... Thanks for any answers/ideas

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