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I've cobbled this from a digest .. so if it does not correctly hook into 
the thread - apologies.

Adrian, as well as the keys you should have the phone numbers for access 
to private property (and phone them for permission), notify camp sites 
that you are coming (to get permission), and contact the section 
coordinator for the latest info (and they will probably ask for your BNT 
membership ID) - track changes, festivals, floods, fires, logging, water 
availability etc. If you don't belong to the BNT then your going to be 
doing some work... much easier to join and get the maps with NOTES and 
use their main office to get the majority of the camp site permissions 
done for you. In addition the property owners recognise your BNT 
membership ID, easing their concerns. For each and every BNT map there 
is at least one a page of text notes with more information - such as 
phone numbers for access permissions, getting keys, "12.1 km go under 
the bridge and turn left" - things you cannot put on a map!

A little of the BNT does not follow a track, nor creek, nor ridge .. it 
is purely cross country. While it can be "mapped", that bit would be 
less than truthful when placed on a map without notes attached!
Further the BNT does change reasonably frequently. So it is a moving 

The BNT guide books are copyright - taking the track information from 
there and mapping to OSM it may well breach copyright. Certainly copying 
the phone numbers would lead to many people being angry! For personal 
use I have made a gpx track of the entire BNT based on what is avalible 
on the web, but I know it is incorrect in quite a few places due to 
updates and the fact that I belong to the BNT and have bought a few 
guide books. I'm mixed about letting my gpx file go public ... so it is 
not avalible at the moment.

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 > It is great that you guys are mapping this. I have thought about 
doing some of this trip. As I
 > recall the only way to get maps previously was to buy them from the 
trail authorities. Also, I
 > think there are some gates that require keys that are available from 
the trail authorities
 > where it crosses private land. Is the information on how to get this 
marked on the map?
 > Cheers Adrian.

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