[talk-au] Sydney: Epping M2 + Devlins Creek - bridge + levels

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 01:07:57 UTC 2013


I though I changed this ..

Where Devlins Creek goes under the M2

The creek is at  'gound level' - as are the path to the east and the 
'cycleway' (actually cycle + foot + emergency vehicles)  to the west.
The M2 is on a small bridge at that point .. you may not see it from the 
M2 .. but it is obvious from the creek..

1) I had inserted a bridge there, and set the levels .. I though 
correctly... any hints on how to ensure I don't 'break' the M2 when 
including a bridge? I simply use the JOSM function  'split way at 
selected node' - to seperate a section (actuall 3 - separte at that 
point) and then tag that section(s)  bridge, level 1 ... and leave it at 
that ? Is that correct? Or do I need to do more. Humm maybe I lets one 
of the orad sections off taging the bridge/levels? But before I try 
again I'll throw it over for comments?

2) the 'cycleway' ... how to best set that to reflect 
foot+cycle+emergency vehicles (there are gates at either end to ensure 
traffic does not use this (and yes they are there now ... it is flood 
prone too just to add to the fun :)

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