[talk-au] Murchison - Square Kilometer Telescope not showing on Garmin maps

Ross Scanlon info at 4x4falcon.com
Tue Dec 31 03:08:44 UTC 2013

On 31/12/13 10:17, Warin wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noted that some (if not all) of the Australian  Square Kilometer
> Telescope north east of Murchison WA is entered (and has been for some
> time) in OSM  but it does not show up on my Garmin maps.
> 26.7S 116.7E
> entries are
> key man_made value radio telescope
> key website value http://www.atnf.csiro.au/projects/askap/
> key name value Burara (etc - some 36 so far .. many more to come)
> etc.
> as the value "radio telescope" does not look to be official yet .. would
> a value of "tower" suit - and edit the names to inculse a prefix of
> "radio telescope" followed by the present name be an aproach that would
> see these things actually apear on the maps?

This is "Mapping for the renderer".  If you want something mapped then 
get the renderer changed not the data

> What of Parks? Naribri? .. humm looking .. Ok Parks is a "tower" .. humm
> some of the other details .. well yes ok ..

> So it looks to me as if a value of "tower" would be best .. then add a
> prefix to the name

Again mapping for the renderer.



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